To view the FAP information for your system, follow these steps:

(1) Click here to open the Hughes FAP portal page in a new window.

(2) Mouse over the word 'Menu'.

(3) Mouse onto the words 'Create User' and left click on that link.

(4) Complete the form to create a new user account.

(5) Hughes will then email you a link that you will need to follow in order to complete the account set-up.

(6) Once your account is set-up and you are logged into the FAP Portal you need to add your site to your database.

(7) On the Hughes FAP portal main page mouse over the word 'Menu' and then click on Login. Enter user name and password.

(8) Once logged in mouse over the word 'Menu' then down to 'USER' and then to 'User Site List Management'.

(9) Load your full 10 digit Site ID into the Site ID Field. If you do not know your Site ID you can get it from your modem's System Info page. The site ID on that page will be 8 digit long, so you need to add two zeros after the 5th digit. For example if the site ID you get from the "System Info" page is USAZZ456 you need to load USAZZ00456.

(10) You then load your serial number in the serial number field. This number is also shown on the "System Info" page of your modem.

(11) Once you have both the site ID and the serial number loaded click 'Add Site'.

(12) Your site will now show up on the 'User Site Details' page. Navigate to that page (mouse over the word 'Menu' then down to 'USER' and then to 'User Site Details') and click on the 'Select' link which is next to your Site ID.

(13) This will expand your site's data. Just scroll down to see your information.

(14) Please keep in mind that all times listed are UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

(15) Details about FAP can be found here.